Austin Powers 2: The Spy Who Shagged Me

Rated: PG-13
Runtime: 1 Hour and 35 Minutes

Reviewer: Dale
Grade: D

Don't let the kids read this review. Are they out of the room? Really? Okay, then let me level with you: this movie is not only a piece of shit, it is a piece of shit that has been lit aflame and rolled down the hill.

I had high expectations for this film. The trailers looked funny. The first one was a wonderful, hilarious, witty film and one of the best comedies in a decade. I also like Mike Myers quite a bit. His other movies have a wonderful sense of the bizarre, a great oddball, Monty-Python intelligent idiocy to them. They also had a great deal of charm.

Mike seems to have lost all of that before making this movie.

The original script to this film is even pretty damn funny. Download it from Drew's Script-o-Rama (or Daily Script, which is my personal preference) and you will see what I mean.
But the movie is your average, David-Spade-ish, every-fart-joke-in-the-book fiasco. Where the first one had wit, this one has toilet humor. Where the first one had charm, this one has horrible product placement (Worst Product Placement of any film Ever! Come on, boys, step up and get your award!). It amazes me that the man responsible for the hilarious sendup of product placement in the first Wayne's World (remember? "Try these" "Ah, Nuprin! Little, yellow, different.") could stoop to this. Did anyone really think it was funny to have Fat Bastard (here is a waste of film) singing the Chili's Babyback ribs jingle? He's doing it in 1969! He wouldn't have even heard it!!!!!! I could forgive such a faux paus, had it been funny, but this one was certainly not funny. Yes, the first film had some toilet humor too, but it was Tom Arnold mistaking Austin killing a man for Austin being constipated. It was NOT Austin drinking a sample of Fat Bastard's stool.

Mike mugs his way shamelessly through the entire movie. Heather Graham stands around looking basically confused. Seth Green seems to be waiting for his paycheck. Only Verne Troyer as Mini Me adds any life to the proceedings. He's a wonderful little imp that the first film would have used to delightful effect. Here, he shows up, gives the finger and we laugh. The fact that we do laugh indicates how sad this movie is.

I admit, I laughed a time or two, but it was the sort of laughter you are ashamed of, not the sort you welcome and want to experience again. The cameos by Tim Robbins and Willie Nelson, among others, were welcome surprises. It's just too bad they could not have been in a better movie.

In short, this film is a missed opportunity across the boards and the fact that they are making a third one, in the vernacular of Wayne Campbell, makes me want to hurl.