Black Sheep

Rated: PG-13
Runtime: 1 Hour and 27 Minutes

Reviewer: Erik
Grade: F

Chris Farley is the black sheep of the family, a clumsy idiot who keeps getting into trouble, while his brother (played by Tim Matheson) runs for a Senate seat for the state of California. Or is it Congress? Who knows?

Farley keeps making the news with his bumbling idiocy, further hurting his brother's chances. So Spade comes into the picture to keep watch over him. There's a subplot about a voter conspiracy and...there's...a....gung-ho...ex...Marine...

Why am I doing this? WHY? Let me bottom line it for you. Chris Farley is not funny. David Spade is not funny. Farley falls down a lot and breaks things and hurts himself. Spade flings one-liners at him that are so unfunny I started to cry.

Unfortunately, this is what passes for comedy these days. If you have an IQ lower than four, chances are you'll think this is the greatest movie ever.

For everyone else, just be happy stuff like this doesn't amuse you.