The Bridges of Madison County

Rated: PG-13
Runtime: 2 Hours and 15 Minutes

Reviewer: Erik
Grade: D-

Before I jump into my review, I'd like to get something straight...

I'd like to consider myself to be an objective movie fan. I can take action or I can leave it. Give me an intriguing storyline and I can roll with it. Some of my favorite movies have some VERY talk-y parts. As long as the dialogue keeps me interested and I feel something for the characters, that'll do just fine.

"The Bridges Of Madison County" is a complete bore, your average two-hour movie that feels like it's about six hours long. This cure for insomnia tells the story of a fella who goes around taking pictures of the always-exciting bridges. He ends up meeting a woman who's alone while her husband and kids are away on some kind of vacation.

They talk. Boy do they talk. And they talk some more. She cooks dinner. They talk. He takes pictures of her. They talk. They visit bridges. They talk. And talk. Story after story just whizzes by into the trash pile, as these two inevitably fall in love.

She doesn't know what to do because her husband's coming back. He has to leave. There's lots of talking in between. Then there's the boring scene where she decides whether or not to bolt out of her car and run into Clint's arms. It's a great scene in a boring film. Suspense builds, tension rises, but all for nothing since I just wanted the movie to end.

All I can guess is that older folks will probably love this film and younger folks will probably hate it. I haven't heard talking this long and tedious since I last visited my mother-in-law.

This movie is a big stinkbomb, one of the few movies I will NEVER, EVER watch again. I'd rather watch paint dry instead. At least there's no talking.